Back and Spinal Pain

In the world of health today, one of the most common reasons someone will visit their primary care doctors is due to back pain.  There are many different causes and types of back pain that lead patients to seek any treatment to relieve their pain.  More often than not, the option of seeking out the expertise and treatment options provided by a  doctor of chiropractic is recommended to those with back and spinal pain.

Possible Causes of Spinal and Back Pain

In general, any spinal pain will be directly related to the neck and back.  Most patients will present with pain, discomfort, muscle tightness and a variety of other symptoms that are connected to their back pain.  The spinal pain felt is usually due to an issue with the muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments and spinal disc that occupy those areas.  These different components of our back can be affected or irritated by overuse or repetitive motions, accidents that involve some sort of trauma, various sports or activity injuries, as well as the normal “wear and tear” are bodies go through over time.  Regardless of the reason for the pain, it is beneficial for the chiropractic care to be introduced early on in the treatment phase.

Chiropractors will identify the cause of the pain through a thorough physical and neurological examination, a review of the patients current and past medical history and then use that information to develop a treatment plan specifically catered to that individual patient.  There are countless treatment methods and options that can be utilized to treat the patient, but the main tool chiropractors use is the adjustment.

Chiropractic Adjustments

The chiropractic adjustment is used to introduce motion to areas of the neck and back that have lost motion.  The adjustment is performed very carefully and targets the specified area with a quick but comfortable thrust of motion into the desired joint.  This adjustment will cause a decrease in pain through relaxation of the tight muscles and a reduction in stiffness of the back. 

In addition chiropractors will provide muscle work through massage and stretching.  Patients will be advised on healthy exercises and stretches that can be used at home and in the future and with regular chiropractic treatment recommended every 4-6 weeks to maintain a healthy back and spine.