Neck and Shoulder Pain

The most common reason for a trip to the chiropractor is simply “back pain.” While this statement holds true, the runner up diagnosis that chiropractors evaluate and treat is “neck and shoulder pain.” Neck and Shoulder Pain on the Rise In today’s increasing world of technology, the complaints of neck and shoulder pain are on […]

Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Headaches and Migraines?

Headaches and Migraines Of the wide variety of musculoskeletal issues chiropractors deal with , headaches and migraines are often not associated as an ailment that can be treated. However, a large portion of patients will report some type of headache or migraine as their chief complaint when visiting a chiropractor. First off, we can think […]

Back and Spinal Pain

In the world of health today, one of the most common reasons someone will visit their primary care doctors is due to back pain.  There are many different causes and types of back pain that lead patients to seek any treatment to relieve their pain.  More often than not, the option of seeking out the […]