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Dr. Brian Jang

Dr. Jang has developed a reputation for being an excellent Chiropractic adjuster and has had success with patients that felt Chiropractic had not helped them in the past.

He is dedicated to treating patients safely and effectively to get them well, stay well and live happy healthy lives. 

Chiropractic Services

Dr. Brian G. Jang, D.C.

“I had graduated from the Naval Academy, R.O.K and served my country for 5 years as a navy officer. I was a representative athlete of the sprint canadian canoeing at Naval Academy. I also enjoyed various sports like ping pong, skiing, swimming, yatching, wind surfing and so on until back pain and muscle spasms struck me.

I tried many alternative medicines to fix it after my orthopedic doctor reported that he could not find any abnormal condition in my spinal X-ray. My tenacity for my health and pursuing this dynamic life style allows me to have a goal to combine all medical knowledge and experience from the power of ‘Chiropractic’.”

Dr. Jang’s Story

My story is simple…I love being a Chiropractor (I was born for Chiropracting)! Day in and day out, I feel recharged from giving adjustments and seeing patient improvements! It truly is a blessing to have a career where I get to build and maintain great relationships with people of all ages and backgrounds. I especially love seeing my young patients grow up, get taller than me (not hard to do), and go off to college or start working. I feel like a part of the patient’s family, and the patients are definitely a part of our family.

History and Education

I grew up in Seoul, South Korea and graduated from the Naval Academy, R.O.K with a degree in Naval Science. I received my degree in doctor of chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic and have practiced in Duluth, GA and Redmond, WA.

I am an avid learner and love that chiropractic is always evolving with new techniques and technologies. I am committed to being a problem solver by integrating other medical fields by joining various seminars and classes. Currently, I have plans to attend Bastyr University to learn Naturopathic and Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.

Chiropractic Experience

I feel lucky being a chiropractor and look to serve the community through my skills. I love visiting local schools to educate children on the importance of spinal care with chiropractic not only to be free from pain, but also to prevent any injuries from sports or daily activities.

Globally, I plan to visit Guatemala or another country with my church’s medical mission team to provide health care to those in need. I am very happy when I receive positive feedback associated with my thorough exams, such as motion X-ray analysis, reasonable treatment plans according to the severity of the patient’s injury, reasonable assessments and detailed documentations from my patients and lawyers involved in motor vehicle accidents and other personal injuries.

Outside of chiropractic, I love exercising, singing, playing tennis and table tennis, traveling, and playing marine sports like canoeing, windsurfing and so on. Also, I love to walk around Juanita Beach or running trails. Welcome and I hope to see you soon!

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